Terms and Conditions of Sale



1. Orders are accepted and promises for delivery given conditionally upon our being able to secure the necessary material and without responsibility for delays arising through risks and uncertainties of manufacture, or other causes beyond our control.

2. Claims for breakages, or deficiencies, can only be accepted if notified to us within 48 hours of receipt; Tel: 01275 464446 the name of the person advised should be retained for possible reference.

3.In general we cannot accept the return of goods for credit where such goods have been correctly supplied to order

Where, however, we agree to such a return, a minimum handling charge of 20% will be made, but tiles must be returned within 28 days of the date they were ordered.

4.The supply of goods does not mean that they are suitable for a specific installation.  We can only be held responsible for any failure on products supplied by us to the extent that the manufacturer of such products is prepared to guarantee same.

5.No tiles are guaranteed against crazing.

6.Shade and size variation is inherent in the manufacture of ceramic and especially natural stone products.  No responsibility for shade or size variation will be entertained after tiles have been fixed.

7.The risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery in accordance with these Conditions, but the property in the goods shall not pass to the customer until payment is made.

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